How well do you speak English? Are you are a competent English speaker who can follow a conversation, understand a written text and join in a discussion, but who wants to gain the confidence of a fluent speaker of English? I can help you. I will design a programme which will be specifically for you. I will analyse your perceived strengths and weaknesses, assess your needs and deliver a course to suit you. I will be your personal mentor and tutor.
‘Learning for a Better Opportunity’ English is spoken by more than one and a half billion people worldwide. English continues to be the most important international language of Business, Diplomacy, Politics, Culture and Scientific and Academic Research. English is widely taught throughout the world, and the ability to speak good English is an essential skill for all who aspire to a successful career. Whilst many achieve a good working knowledge of the language, those who aim for the highest positions must demonstrate that they speak with effortless fluency and accuracy. This can be achieved with constant practice, and frequent conversation with well educated native speakers. Those at the top of their profession must strive for perfection.

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